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Dog Harness Leash(Free shipping)

Dog Harness Leash(Free shipping)

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  • 【Three-in-One Dog Harness】: This dog harness in the ordinary vest on the basis of the addition of telescopic traction and explosion-proof impact function. There is no need to purchase a hand-held retractor or lead rope as with ordinary dog vests. This dog vest frees your hands and has the added benefit of preventing your dog from bursting.
  • 【Explosion-Proof Impact Design】: The explosion-proof punching movement of our dog strap is made of nylon integrated molding structure, which can withstand great tension. When the dog sees something and rushes up in excitement, this action helps to trigger the explosion-proof function, which can effectively prevent property damage or injury to others.
  • 【High Quality Material】: The pet vest is made of composite waterproof cloth + double elastic glue + sandwich mesh. The whole fabric is soft, elastic and breathable, making pets feel comfortable and breathable. It is made of sewing process and can withstand 200KG pulling force.
  • 【Enjoy Outings with Your Pet】: When going outside, wear the pet vest on your dog and use the telescopic rope to lead your dog in crowded areas. In addition, when you and your dog go to the park or other open areas, if you want to let your dog run and play alone, you can slowly release the lead rope. At this time, the lead rope can slowly automatically retract into the vest.
  • 【Convenient and Widely applications】:Dog vest and quick use lead rope design is simple and practical, headband type wear, convenient and fast, help reduce pulling, will not choke, very suitable for leisure walking, jogging, hiking, etc. The fabric is breathable and durable and can be used all year round.

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